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The Modular Advantage

When it comes to sustainable construction, building modular remains the most viable option. Modular manufacturing by its very nature is green building by recycling materials, reducing material waste and having a low environmental impact on the job sites. For a home that reduces your energy costs as well as your carbon footprint, enjoy the modular advantage. 

While sustainable construction is a very important aspect of modular construction there are other additional advantages generating substantial financial benefits compared to traditional on-site construction. These benefits and advantanges of modular construction are further explored in the examples listed below.


Cost Savings

With short construction times, you can save on interest paid on your construction loan. Our energy-efficient homes feature enhanced insulation which makes heating and cooling them very affordable.

Increased Comfort

Quality Materials

We use the same if not better materials than site built homes, We use all plywood construction, Andersen windows and are able to achieve high insulation values on our homes.

Predictable Process

Time Savings

Building modular almost always cuts construction time in half, making for a much more predictable building process and placing you in the comfort of your new home so much sooner.

Technology Enhancements

Smart Homes

We have the ability to offer Smart Homes, complete with endless state-of-the-art options for access, energy efficiency, lighting, climate and entertainment controls as well as advanced security.


Reuse and Recycle

Recycling is a major part of Westchester Modular Homes Green Initiative. Drywall scraps are shipped to mills where it is recycled into lime for farming. Cardboard, electrical wire, plywood and other materials are sorted and recycled.
Reuse & Recycle by Westchester Modular Homes
Energy Efficient Homes by Westchester Modular Homes
Reduces Environmental Footprint

Energy-efficient Homes

Energy Efficiency is a key component of Westchester Modular’s Building Green Program. R-21 wall insulation and R-38 ceiling insulation are the start of a highly energy-efficient home. Other standard features such as, Andersen 400 Series Low E glass windows filled with argon gas, greatly reduce your energy consumption. In turn, the amount of carbons released into our environment is greatly reduced. We are even able to build to ENERGY STAR or Leed-Certified standards.

Reduced Environmental Impact

By nature, modular homes are among the best engineered and sturdiest homes built. As a result, they’re extremely quiet to live in - lessening their environmental impact. Tight, precise construction keeps your family warm and away from harmful toxins in the air.
Reduced Environmental Impact by Westchester Modular Homes

Quick Links

Renovating vs. Rebuilding by Westchester Modular Homes

Teardown and Rebuild

If you love your neighborhood but you need more space, the solution could be to Teardown and Rebuild. It costs less than a complete remodel, has a predictable timeline, and you have the ability to customize your home.

Modular Home Additions by Westchester Modular Homes
Don’t move, add on

Modular Home Additions

When you need a larger home, you don’t have to move out of your neighborhood. We can build a second-story or side modular addition efficiently and cost-effectively without displacing your family for months.

Disaster Relief by Westchester Modular Homes
Get Back on Your Feet

Disaster Relief

You survived the disaster. Unfortunately, your house didn’t. Modular homes feature a rapid construction time so you can resume your normal lifestyle as quickly as possible, along with a host of additional benefits.