Save Construction Costs With a Prefab Office Building

Flexibility & Customization

Whether you're a company looking to expand your existing facilities, or a developer interested in an economical way to build a light commercial space, modular construction can save you money while providing a highly functional, energy-efficient office building. Westchester Modular, known for over 30 years as the premier supplier of modular housing in the Northeast, offers a variety of modular office buildings. Through our network of Independent Westchester Modular Home Builders, we are able to facilitate commercial projects ranging from multi-unit housing, hotels, retail spaces and more.

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Why Modular?

A modular office building by Westchester Modular is not only a cost-effective choice for growing businesses, it also offers a number of significant advantages for a company looking to invest in a long-term commercial space:

  • Modular office buildings can be built quicker. Our factory, conveniently located in Wingdale, NY, has the capacity to turn around individual components in as little as seven days. From start to finish, a modular office building can be completed in up to half the time of a traditional construction.
  • Modular office buildings are higher quality. Because a large portion of the assembly of a modular office building occurs in our factory, we are able to ensure a higher level of quality control than an on-site construction. Our team effectively does the work of several sub-contractors and can deliver a product with the bulk of the plumbing, insulation, electricity and fixtures already completed.
  • Modular office buildings are more energy efficient. Westchester Modular is the first prefab building company to offer ENERGY STAR certification right out of the factory. Our products are constructed with high-efficiency insulation and windows, resulting in a minimum of 15% reduction in energy use. We can also help your modular office building achieve LEED certification, possibly making you eligible to receive tax credits.

Why Westchester Modular?

A modular office building is an investment in the future of your business. Partner with a vendor you can trust. Since 1986, Westchester Modular has led the Northeast in modular construction. Our network of builders extends across nine states from Maine to New Jersey, and our products are known for their quality construction and high level of functionality. We are also able to work with developers and busilders to create a customized building that meets their needs.

For more information about Westchester Modular office buildings, or how a prefab construction can benefit your project, please contact our office today.

The Green Leader in Modular Group Homes

Many project managers find themselves faced with a difficult dilemma – pay extra for leading-edge technology or settle for a product that's inefficient and not built for the long term. With Westchester Modular, neither of these choices is necessary. Our modular group homes are capable of becoming ENERGY STAR certified, and they feature high efficiency windows, floor-to-ceiling insulation and quality construction that prevents heat loss and moisture entry. An ENERGY STAR building is 20-30% more efficient than a traditional construction, which can potentially save your organization thousands of dollars on heating and air conditioning. We can also custom build LEED-certified buildings, which may qualify you for valuable tax credits.

Custom-Built for All Residents

Whether you're building a modular nursing home or dormitory housing, Westchester Modular can customize designs to your project. We can incorporate handicap accessible options into your project, shared bathrooms and more. Our team has been and is currently involved in several multi-unit housing projects, including modular dormitory housing, senior living facilities, hotels and more.

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Since 1986, the Westchester Modular team has been changing the way people think about modular housing. Project managers throughout the Northeast have found our modular construction methods to be a cost effective way to build projects quickly without sacrificing quality or comfort. For more information on multi-family and commercial buildings, please contact Tony Monti, Project Sales Manager, at

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