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Hurricane Sandy Testimonials / In The News


Westchester Modular customers throughout the Jersey Shore and Breezy Point areas that were directly affected by Hurricane Sandy were eager to share photos and testimonials on how they fared during the storm. We greatly appreciate all the positive feedback we have received from our customers and our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all of those who were affected by the storm.


These Westchester Modular Homes withstood the high winds of Hurricane Sandy

Many of the homes in these same neighborhoods were damaged or even destroyed by the storm. Westchester is proud that their homes remained standing after Sandy hit - The "Before" and "After" Hurricane Sandy photos are exactly the same. From the coasts of Connecticut and Long Island to the Jersey Shore, not one Westchester Home was leveled by the hurricane.


Michael and Allison's home was built by Westchester Modular and Phoenix Industries

Michael and Allison S. - Follow the progress of their house on Facebook Long Beach, Long Island

Michael and Allison are working with Westchester Modular and Tony Guillaro of Phoenix Industries to rebuild their home after it was damaged during Hurricane Sandy. Michael is a Long Beach fireman and Allison is a doctor in a local hospital. The home was still standing, but the inside was under 5 feet of water. They lost everything.

A friend of theirs recommended Westchester Modular Homes. They contacted Tony Guillaro in late January, and they will be in their new home by Memorial Day.

The speed and quality of construction has really impressed them.

Here are some quotes from Michael:

"We were referred to Westchester Modular by a friend of the family. We decided to build a modular home because the time frame getting back into the house was faster than a typical stick-built home. The process so far has been great. Alfie from the factory drew up the plans, and Tony our builder have been great.

We toured the factory, and we were very impressed. It was clean and efficient -- like a production line from start to finish -- everything moves along.

We looked up the floor plans on the website -- the ideas we had together worked. Alfie fine tuned them to fit on our lot size. It has taken us about one month to get our plans and sign the contract. We have been very pleased working with Westchester Modular and Tony Guillaro."

Follow along on our Facebook page to see how the project is progressing from the demo of the existing home to the construction and completion of their new home.

Read more about this in an article on our News & Events page titled Long Beach Homeowners Struggle to Pay for House-raising

Emily & Joe DesCenza Brick, NJ

In October, we lost our home to Hurricane Sandy in Brick, New Jersey, and we began searching for a way to replace it. We looked at several modular companies because we liked the concept of modular construction. We knew by building modular that our home would be built faster and stronger than traditional stick building. It was very important to both my wife and myself that we could move into our new home by spring.

After we contacted Westchester Modular, we were referred to Southview Modular Homes in New Jersey. Southview was very responsive in keeping in touch with us. They emailed their pricing and specs to us very quickly. They were very pro-active, and we were impressed with their level of service.

Although we looked at several modular manufacturers, we choose Westchester Modular because of their reputation for high quality. Also, their designs were absolutely gorgeous, as opposed to "basic boxes" that the other companies were showing us. Westchester Modular was definitely heads and shoulders above anything else on the market. We're looking forward to moving in our new home by Memorial Day.

Meyra G. Toms River, NJ

We built a Westchester home in 2001. We were hit hard by Sandy, but our house survived much better than any other house around us. Westchester and Classic Fabrications/Guido Construction did a wonderful job.

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