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Westchester Modular Homes maintains a complete list of Authorized Independent Builders in Rhode Island. View our listing of Westchester Modular Homes Builders for Rhode Island here. Feel free to contact us via email or at 1-800-832-3888 for more information on the Authorized Westchester Modular Home Builder near you.

Rhode Island Service Area



Rhode Island Modular HomeTour Nearby Model Prefab Homes in RI

Rhode Island residents eager to take a closer look at our Westchester Modular builder network are pleased to find model home locations just a short drive away. Potential buyers are invited to either visit our conveniently located Authorized Independent Builder in Newport, RI, or take a tour of our beautifully designed and decorated modular homes at our factory in Wingdale, NY. Factory tours are free and are offered the first Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Why Modular Homes Make Sense for Potential Homeowners

Westchester's innovative process of creating prefab homes provides Rhode Island residents with a cost-effective solution to find the house of their dreams. With the help of a high-tech computer-aided design system, we are able to bypass the cost of hiring engineering services while creating a flexible floor plan that suits your specific requirements. Our master craftsmen bring your new home to life in segments called modules, which we create inside our cutting-edge climate-controlled factory. Once all of the modules are completed, they are shipped directly to your building site where local contractors quickly complete your project without the threat of costly overruns or scheduling delays.

RI Modular Homes Are Energy-Efficient

In an age of rising utility costs and increasing concerns over environmental sustainability, RI homeowners are emphasizing "green" living. Our energy-efficient prefab homes make financial sense by providing major savings on your annual energy bills.

Modular Homes Are Custom Built

Our Option Selection Center helps you build a home that satisfies your taste and meets your functional requirements. With Westchester Modular Homes, Rhode Island customers can personally choose everything from carpeting colors and kitchen cabinets to bathroom fixtures and moldings for appliances.

Purchasing a Modular Home in Rhode Island Is Easy

Purchasing prefab homes in RI is a sound financial decision for potential homeowners looking for an alternative to traditional construction. Lenders look at modular homes in the identical light as site-built homes, and they provide the same available mortgage options. With so many obvious , there has never been a wiser time to take a closer looks at prefab homes.