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Modular Homes in Rockland County, NY

Rockland New York Modular HomesBuilding a new home can be an arduous process. You deal with creeping costs, delayed construction and limited options - unless you pay a high premium for full customization. What begins with visions of a dream home ends with an over-budget, past-deadline dwelling that only matches some of your expectations.

Modular homes provide an attractive solutions for prospective homebuilders. Where traditional homes are constructed on-site, sensitive to changes in the materials market, modular homes are built using inventory that already exists. Where traditional homes are sensitive to harsh weather and other factors, modular homes are constructed in a controlled environment. Where traditional homes are often built with several preset floor plans and certain finish options, modular homes can be fully customized - if you have the right builder.

Westchester Modular Homes is one of the leading builders of modular homes in Rockland County. In business for nearly 30 years, we've perfected ways to make your custom home experience fast, affordable and fully customizable. When you are exploring multi-family or single-family modular homes in Rockland County, NY, we deliver with the finest products and best services available.Rockland New York Modular Homes

Why a Modular Home?

There's often some confusion about what a modular home is. First, it is not a manufactured, mobile or trailer home. Modular homes are just like traditional homes, only their components are pre-fabricated in a factory and then constructed on-site. The final result is a beautiful home that looks just as traditional as others in the neighborhood.

Modular homes also offer a number of benefits traditional homes do not:

  • Convenience: At Westchester, we use a state-of-the-art design process that takes the all-too-common delays of traditional homebuilding out of the equation. You can count on your home to be ready for move-in much faster than a traditional home and without any setbacks due to weather, material shortages or other issues.
  • Energy Efficiency: We design each component for maximum energy efficiency, including premium wall and ceiling insulation, argon-filled glass windows and much more. Our process is also efficient, limiting waste and the impact of construction on your home site.
  • Customization: There's nothing one-size-fits-all about our modular homes. Designs are fully customizable so you can achieve your unique and individual vision for your home.

The bottom line: Modular homes are the fast, affordable, stress-free way to achieve the luxury home that you've always wanted. And Westchester Modular Homes is the premier modular home builder serving Rockland County, NY.

A Home You Can Love

Founded in 1986, Westchester Modular Homes has been a pioneer in the industry. We discover ways to give our customers exactly what they want, because we exist to serve you, not the other way around. Further, our approach to modular home design and construction allows us to respond to new trends and styles, incorporating what's "in" so you have a market-driven design with maximum curb appeal. You should love where you live, and other modular home builders in Rockland County, NY, won't be able to do for you what Westchester can.

Get in touch with Westchester today, and learn more about the possibilities of single-family and multifamily modular homes by the top manufacturer in Rockland County, NY.