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Westchester Modular Homes of Long Island

Long Island New York Modular HomesIf you've ever endured the homebuilding process, you know all about the challenges: weather delays, material shortages, labor issues and more. At Westchester Modular Homes, we deliver products that take the stress and anxiety out of the homebuilding process. Our modular homes are created in a controlled environment that eliminates delays and reduces costs. If you're interested in modular homes in Long Island, NY, Westchester can deliver a quality product and customer experience.

The Fast, Affordable Process

Modular homes are just like traditional homes, only their construction is faster and more affordable. You can have your own custom-designed luxury home in a fraction of the time it would take for construction of a traditional home following our simple process:

  • Visit Us: Stop by Westchester Modular Homes of Long Island and learn more about the process we use as the top modular homes manufacturer in Long Island, NY. If you're interested in taking the next step, we can even look at a preliminary budget and what it would take to achieve your vision for a dream home.
  • Obtain Financing: Just as a modular home is essentially the same as a traditional home, the financing process is the same, too. You can choose your own lender, or we can make recommendations for lenders many of our customers know and trust.
  • Develop Your Design: This is the fun part. You can choose to start with one of our many existing modular home designs, then modify and customize to meet your needs.
  • Finalize the Order: Approve the conceptual design, and then proceed to make choices on countertops, fixtures, styles, colors and other finishes.
  • See Your Home Built: The foundation is poured on-site, and your home components are manufactured. In just a matter of seven days, your home is complete in the factory. After completion, your home is transported to the site.
  • Delivery and Setting: Once the modules arrive, they are carefully set together to form your new home. Each is fitted to the foundation before being secured and weather-stripped.
  • On-Site Finishes: Electrical, plumbing and heating systems are installed. Necessary drywall and flooring are added. Sewer and water connections are made. And then the lawn is seeded.
  • Move In: A local building department will inspect your home for codes and best practices. Once approved, your new home receives its certificate of occupancy - and you are move-in ready!

Long Island New York Modular Homes

Your new modular home should match the expectations you held at the beginning of the process. At Westchester, we place our focus on your needs and making sure the finished product is exactly what you've always wanted. It's this customer-focused approach that makes us the best among modular home builders in Long Island, NY.

About Westchester

When we first started doing business in 1986, we wanted to bring the ease and affordability of modular homes to prospective buyers who wanted customization. We achieved that goal then, and today we continue to be one of the very best modular homes builders in Long Island, NY. Our innovative processes allow us to create market-driven designs that match current styles and trends while providing maximum curb appeal. We exist to meet your needs, and we'll do everything possible to deliver on your vision of a dream home.

Contact us today, and get started designing your dream single-family or multifamily modular home in Long Island, NY.