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Ballymore HomesBallymore Homes, LLC

Donal Finlay

P.O. Box 807

Bethpage, NY 11714

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This builder primarily serves Nassau County on Long Island New York.

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At a buyer's very first meeting with owner and master builder Donal Finlay, it is quickly apparent that Ballymore Homes is a company that deserves its reputation for utter trustworthiness and complete honesty.

"A new home may be a family's single most important purchase," Donal is known to say, with absolute conviction. "My primary job is to make that dream a reality, and to represent the home owner so they can continue living their lives. I don't work for my subs, the architect or a bank. I work entirely for the owner."

With Donal at the helm and a quality manufacturer like Westchester Homes at his back, Ballymore Homes does great work. The end result of each project is a superbly built home, assembled quickly with minimal construction time and an efficiency that can only be so finely honed by more than thirty years overseeing custom home builds.

When an informed customer chooses Ballymore Homes as his or her premium modular home builder, they do so because they have taken a hard look at Ballymore's experience and beautiful portfolio of previous work. They have seen the photos, testimonials and a long list of references happily provided by recent customers. More importantly, they have a profound sense that their investment will be managed well.

Ballymore Homes builds custom homes on Long Island, including Nassau County and Suffolk County, and in NYC. Services include new home construction, remodels, expansions, dormers and additions, and renovation after flood or fire damage. It is very well known for house lifting and the renovation of homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Ballymore has a team of professional partners ready to serve you, from direct mortgage lenders, engineers and architects to expediters, surveyors and landscape designers in a complete, turnkey operation. Ballymore Homes coordinates everything, so you have one point of contact that makes all the minutia disappear.

Call Donal Finlay at 516-322-6182 and visit to see photos and videos of our previous builds, and to read testimonials from current customers.


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