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Modular Homes of Suffolk County, Massachusetts


Suffolk County, Massachusetts Modular HomesBuilding a custom-crafted home shouldn't be a stress-inducing process. At Westchester Modular Homes, we offer a fast, affordable path to building luxurious modular homes in Essex County, MA, North Shore Boston and the surrounding areas.


You take control of the process, choosing your home's size, look and feel. Then we take care of the details, ensuring your vision becomes a reality quickly and affordable. Our innovative process delivers your custom home without the creeping costs and interminable delays that characterize traditionally constructed homes. And we focus on your needs every step of the way.


The Advantage of Choosing Our Modular Homes Manufacturer in North Shore Boston

Many get confused between modular homes and manufactured homes. There's a difference between the two, as modular homes are akin to traditional ones. In fact, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a modular home and a traditional home in the same neighborhood. Here are some key characteristics of modular homes and what makes them so attractive to custom homebuyers:


  • Codes and Standards: Manufactured homes are built to a different Housing and Urban Development code. Modular homes, on the other hand, are built to the same codes and standards as traditional homes that are built on-site.
  • Third Party Inspection: Not only is your modular homes closely inspected and analyzed as it's being built in our factory, it also passes an independent third-party inspection after final construction. When you move in, know your home has been more closely scrutinized than even a traditionally constructed home would be.
  • Beautiful Look and Feel: Again, there's no distinguishing characteristic of a modular home. It looks and feels just like a traditionally constructed home. And when you choose an experienced single- or multifamily modular home manufacturer in Boston, MA, like Westchester, you get a beautiful customized design that provides unbeatable curb appeal. Our factory process ensures each component is quality, durable and sound, giving you an attractive home that will stand the test of time.
  • Speed: Your modular home is ready for move-in in just a matter of weeks. There are no long weather delays, no material shortages and no labor issues. Your home is built to your specifications, delivered to your home site and constructed to meet stringent standards. It's a fast process that delivers outstanding results at an affordable price.

Suffolk County, Massachusetts Modular Homes


At Westchester Modular Homes, we put the focus squarely on our customers and their needs. When you have a vision for what modular homes manufacturers in North Shore should produce, we deliver on that vision.



Westchester: The Best Modular Homes Developers in North Shore Boston

Founded by two New York builder-developers in 1986, Westchester has always stood for bringing customization to the modular home industry and for focusing on its customers. Today, we carry on that legacy by offering modular homes in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, delivering on our founding promise by creating beautifully designed modular homes that satisfy 21st-century tastes. When you want the ease and affordability of a modular home with the ability to customize your own look, Westchester is the company that delivers.


Contact us today, and start the process of building your dream home.