What is the Difference Between Modular Homes and Mobile Homes?

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When you’re planning to buy a new home, you may hear various terms like modular homes, mobile homes and manufactured homes. These terms are commonly used to describe prefabricated or factory-built homes. That’s why you need to settle the question of choosing a modular home, mobile home or manufactured home before you decide to buy an existing one or build a new home on a plot of land.

Modular Home vs. Mobile Home

The main differences between a modular home and a mobile or manufactured home are the permanence, durability and design of the structure. A modular home is a factory-built home that’s usually about 80 percent completed before it’s installed on a permanent foundation. But manufactured homes have a foundation made of a steel chassis, and they’re usually transported on wheels and dragged along by a trailer.

The following points will help you understand the features and benefits of a modular home vs. a manufactured home:

Modular Homes

  • Modular homes are pre-built in distinct sections from the factory.
  • Modular home factories transport them to the site on a flat truck bed and use a huge crane to put the parts together.
  • These homes are completed at the location, and they must comply with local, state and regional building codes.
  • Local building inspectors visit the site to do a thorough home inspection to ensure compliance with building regulations.
  • Modular homes are used to speed up the development of new sites for communities and dormitories in colleges and training institutions.
  • Modular homes can be made to any design specification.
  • They are almost always bigger than manufactured homes with large bedrooms, bathrooms, full kitchens and basements.
  • Modular homes appreciate in value over time, and upgrades may be made as desired.
  • A properly built modular home will have the same lifespan as its stick-built counterpart, with its value increasing over time.

Manufactured Homes

  • Manufactured houses are also called trailers or mobile homes.
  • Manufactured homes are completely built in a factory on a fixed steel chassis, and they have wheels for towing.
  • Manufactured homes must have a HUD building code affixed to them.
  • Manufactured homes stay on their chassis, and they don’t have any basements.
  • These homes may not be placed in certain areas due to zoning restrictions.
  • Smaller manufactured homes may be wheeled around as vacation homes.
  • Manufactured homes don’t pass a building certification for occupation.
  • Segments of the manufactured home are rarely placed on a permanent foundation, so they aren’t easy to refinance.
  • Manufactured homes are difficult to finance, and their resale value tends to depreciate.

If you need an attractive permanent structure that’ll increase in value with time, and you want to have an energy-efficient home that can be constructed quickly and is easy to maintain, then you should opt for a modular home.

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