To Remodel or Teardown and Rebuild… That is the Question: Part II

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Beautiful home after complete teardown rebuild

To Remodel or Teardown and Rebuild . . .That Is the Question, Part II

In Part II, we’re going to discuss how you can recognize homes that are good candidates for a teardown and look at several important things you need to do before you even plan a teardown and rebuild.


Home before teardown rebuild

How do you recognize if a house is a good candidate for tear down?

Likely candidates for teardowns are by and large houses that don’t match up to the standards in the more sought-after neighborhoods.

• It could be they’re smaller in square footage than most of the houses in the immediate area.

• Many have out of date kitchens and bathrooms and, quite frequently, devour a huge amount of energy.

• They might suffer from structural problems, making them especially tough to sell.

• As a result, they may be priced below the average cost of neighboring houses and may sit unsold for an extended period of time.


Teardown of home

Thinking of selling down the road? Rebuilds win long term by resetting the clock.

Let’s say you’re planning to sell your house in 15 years or so. By rebuilding rather than remodeling, you literally reset the clock in terms of the house’s physical character.

• Everything from the appliances and windows to the house’s roofing and siding are new.

 If you want to sell 15 years down the road, you’re selling a 15-year old house instead of one that might be 30, 40 or more years old.

• As a bonus, you get to live in and enjoy a brand-new house during those 15 years.

• Buyers are acutely attentive to the age of houses. If not, the real estate agent will make sure they are aware.


Home in progress during rebuild

A teardown and rebuild could leave you happier, with a bit more cash in your pocket, too.

Remodeling your home could be just the thing you need to honestly make it yours. But be careful what you wish for.

You might possibly be going down the never-ending rabbit hole of home improvement. Having transformed your kitchen from drab to fab, your family room, dining room, bedrooms, etc. now look like they’re from the 1960s.

In some instances, tearing down an older home and rebuilding with modular construction might be more closely within your means than a complete top-to-bottom remodeling.

Just keep in mind, it pretty much depends on the home, the location and your personal situation. (That’s why the pros at Westchester Modular Homes will be glad to discuss the advantages of teardown and rebuilds.)


Home in progress during rebuild

Teardown and rebuilds are ideal for “second” or vacation homes.

Teardowns are not just for homeowners whose family has outgrown their space or want to upgrade where they live most of the time. The number of people who acquire property in highly sought-after locales such as the Jersey Shore or trendy northeastern ski resorts, who don’t plan to live in the house year ‘round, has increased dramatically in recent years.

Instead of making do with a property they don’t enjoy, these owners opt to tear down the existing structure and replace it with a custom-designed modular home that is more suited to their tastes.

Before (left) and after (right) of teardown and rebuild on this new beautiful modular home

In Part III, our aim is to show you why modular construction is the best way to build after a teardown.

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