What to Consider When Planning a Home Addition

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Considering a Home Addition

There’s something incredibly exciting about adding onto your home. You get the chance to see your vision become a reality. But adding on to your home isn’t something to rush into — you should always ask key questions, get expert guidance and really consider all facets of your expansion. Before you get started, here are five key considerations related to how to plan an addition to your home.

  1. Vision: This is your chance to dream big! The problem when expanding is this: Homeowners have a hard time seeing beyond what’s already there. Make sure you’re dreaming as though you’re starting from scratch, rather than adding to an existing structure. This will help you think outside the box about your addition.
  2. Budget: Additions are always more expensive than you think and the cost tends to rise and rise as you think of other things you want to include in the expansion. Make sure you have plenty of cash or ready financing before getting too excited about planning an addition to your house.
  3. Compatibility: While you do want to dream big about your expansion, you also want to make sure your expansion is compatible with your existing architecture. You don’t want to add a Spanish-style expansion to a traditional bungalow, for example. Dream big, and then see how well your vision meshes with what’s already there.
  4. Zoning: Adding an addition to your house requires a lot of checking and compliance adherence. Make sure you’re not violating any of the zoning restrictions in your area before you get too excited about a design. Zoning can be frustrating before construction begins, but it can also be devastating if you move forward without checking — and you find that you have to take down your addition because of violations.
  5. Return: How will your home addition affect the value of your home? If you want an addition, you should move forward with it. But make sure you’re executing your addition in such a way that it adds as much value to your home as possible.

Have you considered modular home additions? When you choose prefab home additions, you can often get the functionality you want while spending a fraction of what you would invest in a traditional expansion.

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