Modular Homes vs. Homes Built On-Site

Posted on May 25th, 2016 by Westchester | Posted in: Home Trends

  Some people might ask, “Why should I purchase a modular home?” When the question is raised, our response is, “Why shouldn’t you buy a modular home?” Both types of homes have great benefits, but one exceeds the other in almost every way. Here are some of the main criteria you should consider when evaluating both types of construction. Exterior Appearance Modular: It is assumed that a modular home is always identifiable from the outside because it may look more plain or boxy than site built homes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. With the advent of Computer Assisted Design, you can achieve the look and style that you want. Most modular manufacturers such as Westchester Modular Homes allow […]

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How a Modular Home is Constructed – Part 3 Roofs

Posted on May 22nd, 2016 by Westchester | Posted in: Home Plan Central

Have you ever wondered how modular units all come together to become a quality built home? In the next series of blogs we will be pulling back the curtain so to speak, and educating you on what specifically happens behind the scenes in the building of a modular home. In these blogs we’ll be taking you through our factory one production stage at a time to discuss the specifics of how a modular home is built. Last week we began with floors. This week Roof/Ceiling Systems will be the topic. As mentioned in our previous blogs, roof systems are built simultaneously at the same time as walls and floors. Roof systems will be discussed in the upcoming blog series. Unlike […]

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Make an Apples to Apples Specification Comparison

Posted on May 2nd, 2016 by Westchester | Posted in: Home Trends

       A little comparison shopping can mean the difference between being disappointed and feeling fully satisfied with your new home purchase. As mentioned in a previous blog entry, manufacturers’ base specifications can vary quite a bit and it is very important to know the details of a specification and their applications in order to make a qualified judgment on which is right for you. Some manufactures begin with a much better set of quality specifications, but might have a little higher base cost. Others may start with a bare bones spec philosophy in order to get to the lower house price point, which may force you to either settle for specifications not of your choosing or to purchase options a […]

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Modular Commercial Building: A Smart Choice for Your Business

Posted on Apr 30th, 2016 by Westchester | Posted in: Home Trends

If your business is growing fast, you may be overwhelmed with decisions regarding how to scale your operations, such as: Do we hire more staff, and if so, what departments need help? Should we upgrade our equipment, and if so, what should we purchase? Should we invest in a newer, larger facility, or should we expand our existing structure? We have an answer for that third question — use commercial modular buildings. Modular commercial buildings are a smart option for adding extra space. They’re cost-effective, easy to build relative to finding a new workplace, and able to take advantage of the latest in building technologies. Let’s examine each of these points and determine whether a modular building would work well […]

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Running Out of Space? Try a Modular Addition

Posted on Apr 21st, 2016 by Westchester | Posted in: Home Trends

    As your family grows, you’ll require increased space in your home to accommodate their needs. You may be tempted to look for a new home that can fit everyone and everything. But if you love the house you’re in, that may not be your ideal option. We encourage you to instead consider a modular home addition. Modular home additions offer several advantages: It’s more cost-effective than purchasing another home It’s less of a hassle than purchasing another home It offers access to the latest building technologies Let’s explore each of these points in further detail to learn why each of them would make a great choice for your home. Cost-Effectiveness Depending on where you’re located, a home can […]

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Your Guide to Home Renovation in Fairfield County

Posted on Apr 8th, 2016 by Westchester | Posted in: Home Trends

Modular Homes May Represent the Best Investment in Connecticut Home remodeling may seem like an old tradition, but modern techniques are allowing people throughout Connecticut to find the home of their dreams right in their backyard. From updates and additions to completely new homes, the modern modular design gives homeowners the facelift they want without having to move. If you’re considering a home makeover or want to customize your dream home, it’s worth considering the time and hassle savings that a modular home can deliver. You’ve probably driven by hundreds of modular homes in Fairfield County and never realized it. These may be pre-fab units, but they are among the most beautiful homes on the market. The perfect home for […]

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How to Choose a Modular Home Manufacturer

Posted on Feb 11th, 2016 by Westchester | Posted in: Home Trends

In the world of modular home manufacturing, just like in anything, there are the good and the not so good. Manufacturers come in a range of sizes from small to large. Some build over a thousand homes per year and others less than a few dozen. Some manufactures specialize in dealing with a very custom products and others may be limited in their options and amenities. Most manufacturers are limited to the geographic area that they can ship to and will have a product line of homes and/or collections with specific baseline specifications. Please note that in most cases you will not purchase your home directly from the modular manufacturer. You will purchase it from a local builder. If you […]

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An Overview of Modular Beach Homes

Posted on Feb 8th, 2016 by Westchester | Posted in: Modular Home Style Series

  Beaches have long provided individuals and families with opportunities for recreation and fun. Playing in the sand, swimming, and tanning are fixtures of summertime beach fun enjoyed by people all around the world. Many of these individuals and families have built homes on the beach to escape to during the summer months. You may be in a position to own such a property. As you consider your options, you may be debating between constructing a traditional home and investing in a modular beach home.   Modular beach homes make terrific options for vacation properties. They can be assembled much faster than their traditionally built counterparts. They’re also more cost-effective and are generally outfitted with the latest in efficient green […]

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Log Cabin Modular Homes: Rustic Retreats

Posted on Feb 1st, 2016 by Westchester | Posted in: Modular Home Style Series

The image of a woodland log cabin gently piping away smoke from its chimney is deeply ingrained in the American popular consciousness. A rustic retreat far away from the pressures and strains of the modern world, log cabins represent a relaxing escape. If you have a strong desire to design a year-round long cabin home, it’s wise to consider modular log cabin homes. Let’s take a quick look at how log cabins developed and explore the details that make them unique, so you can decide if one is right for you. History The simple design and relatively easy construction of a log cabin has long been of interest to builders worldwide. The process of hewing logs to build housing has […]

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Modern Modular Homes: An Innovative Choice

Posted on Jan 25th, 2016 by Westchester | Posted in: Modular Home Style Series

Modern architecture: a coupling of the most cutting-edge refinements in construction technologies with the latest in design touches. A modern home is a home that displays an interest in the new, the unfamiliar, and the bold. They may also contain features that help optimize a lifestyle and contribute to a greener, more efficient planet. Modern homes have a long history of aesthetic individuality. Many well-remembered visionaries are counted within the Modern tradition, among them Frank Lloyd Wright, one of America’s best known and loved architects. Let’s take a look at the history of modern homes and their design features, so you can determine whether a modern home would be right for you. We’ll also provide insight into a specific type of […]

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