2019 Kitchen & Bath Trends

Posted on Jan 7th, 2019 by Westchester | Posted in: What's "IN" In Design

  What happens in the remodeling world is usually a precursor to trends that appear in new construction. Every year the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) releases the results of its annual 60,000 member survey that tracks design trends in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. As an overview kitchen and bath design has definitely trended towards the contemporary. Clean simple lines and glossier and sleek finishes are in. Out of favor in kitchens are rustic, country and Tuscan cabinetry styles with heavy glazing and distressing. In bathrooms people are demanding a spa like atmosphere with cool white and gray color pallets. Multiple storage opportunities are also tending in the cabinetry plus a people are looking towards universal design so that […]

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5 Myths About Modular Homes

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When you’re considering buying a new modular home, you’ll be faced with various ideas, myths and misconceptions about this kind of home. Modular homes are similar to site-built homes and offer certain advantages over them. But they’re quite different from manufactured or mobile homes. To help you appreciate the innovations and benefits you’ll enjoy when you buy a modular home, we’ll debunk the following myths about modular homes. Myth #1: Modular Homes Are Trailer Homes While modular homes can be classified as prefabricated, they aren’t the same as a manufactured trailer or mobile homes. Modular homes are not HUD homes or double-wides. One of the most fundamental distinctions is that, while modular homes need to comply with the local building […]

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How Long Does It Take to Build a Modular Home?

Posted on Nov 27th, 2018 by Westchester | Posted in: Uncategorized

As the idea of modular home construction begins to catch on amongst mainstream builders, homeowners from all walks of life are now enjoying the benefits of the modern modular home. Built in various segments, also known as modules, within a climate-controlled setting, there are a number of benefits inherent to the process that just aren’t seen when building a home on-site. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License Complete our quick form for more information on building a modular home How Long it Takes to Build a Modular Home It can take anywhere from 16 to 31 weeks to build a prefabricated (modular) house. The timeline depends on factors such as: How fast you […]

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Are Modular Homes Safe in Storms?

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Hurricane Sandy took place years ago, but, for most, the vivid memories of devastation will never go away. Almost one million homes and business were damaged or destroyed in the storm, including 350,000 homes in New Jersey alone. It’s impossible to dampen the massive devastation storms such as Sandy dole out, but there are things people can do to minimize damage. One such thing is to make use of modular homes. Here is a look at what modular homes are and how they can improve safety during a hurricane. Are Modular Homes Safe? When it comes to modular homes, oftentimes people will confuse them with manufactured homes and assume they are poorly constructed. However, modular homes are extremely safe; they […]

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Building a Modular Home Near Boston, MA

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Living near Boston, MA means living in one of America’s most exciting regions. For starters, Beantown is a thrilling and ever-evolving mix of old and new. European colonists settled there nearly 400 years ago, and the city witnessed some of our young nation’s most exciting historical events: the Puritans’ arrival, the Boston Tea Party and Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride, to name but a few. Today, this history blends seamlessly into one of the most bustling metropolitan centers in the country. It is home to industry, businesses, famous nightlife and spectacular arts. It is no surprise Boston is such a desirable place to live. However, if you are looking to beat the traffic and get more bang for your buck […]

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Your Custom Modular Home Builder in Boston, MA

Posted on May 8th, 2018 by Westchester | Posted in: Uncategorized

For over 30 years, Westchester Modular Homes has served the residents of the Northeast Region of U.S. by providing high-quality custom modular homes, expert construction assistance and the most personalized service available. We’re proud to be an employee-owned and operated company, and we always act with utmost honesty and integrity while putting our clients’ needs first. With a limitless selection of unique floor plans and the ability to customize everything from layout, fixtures, kitchen fittings, floor coverings, exteriors and much more, Westchester Homes will deliver the perfect modular home to fit your needs, budget and lifestyle. Our goal is to become your No. 1 trusted partner and help you build the custom modular home of your dreams. Are You Building […]

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What is the Difference Between Modular Homes and Mobile Homes?

Posted on Jan 26th, 2018 by Westchester | Posted in: Uncategorized

When you’re planning to buy a new home, you may hear various terms like modular homes, mobile homes and manufactured homes. These terms are commonly used to describe prefabricated or factory-built homes. That’s why you need to settle the question of choosing a modular home, mobile home or manufactured home before you decide to buy an existing one or build a new home on a plot of land. Modular Home vs. Mobile Home The main differences between a modular home and a mobile or manufactured home are the permanence, durability and design of the structure. A modular home is a factory-built home that’s usually about 80 percent completed before it’s installed on a permanent foundation. But manufactured homes have a foundation […]

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Building a Modular Home Near Orange County, NY

Posted on Jan 24th, 2018 by Westchester | Posted in: Uncategorized

Are you considering your home-building and home-buying options? More and more buyers are discovering the benefits of modular homes in Orange County, NY. The choice offers flexibility, savings and high-quality construction not found among other options. Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. has been offering the benefits of modular homes for more than 30 years. We construct homes in a climate-controlled factory with a team of skilled employees that operates year-round. Our modular construction allows for cost control, efficiency and timely delivery. As your premier home builder in Orange County, NY, we offer the following helpful guide to building a custom home in this desirable region. Living in Orange, Sullivan, Ulster or Rockland County, NY Residents of this area of the state […]

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How Do I Find the Right Land to Build a Modular Home?

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One of the frequent questions builders ask is “Where can I find land to build a modular home?” The land you choose for a modular home building project will affect the final curb appeal and resale value of the property. That’s why it’s important to know how to find land for a modular home. You have three options: to add the modular home to an existing property, to tear down the building on an existing lot or to find a new lot to build the home. At Westchester Modular Homes, we can provide our professional expertise and decades of experience to help you build a home that will attract good returns in any of these following categories. Additions Modular room […]

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Modular Smart Homes

Posted on Jan 5th, 2018 by Westchester | Posted in: Uncategorized

Creating modular smart homes is much easier for homeowners today than it was in the past. Cool smart homes are much easier to design and build in this era of internet-connected smart devices. Now you can enjoy better energy efficiency, climate control, entertainment and security in your modular home. Here are five devices that can help you turn your modular home into a smart one. Nest Cam The Nest Cam offers you a functional, high-resolution wireless security camera. It produces a wide-angle video stream at 1080p that you can view from your smartphone. While this may not be a complete replacement for a home security system, it’s ideal when you need to monitor your kids. It can send you periodic […]

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