Multi-Family Housing and Modular Construction: A Match Made in an Environmentally-Friendly Factory – Part I 

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Part I: Introduction to
Multi-Family Housing &
Modular Construction

Are you a builder in need of just a few extra rental units or are you developing an entire community of energy-efficient multi-family housing units?

Currently, modular home construction companies can provide multi-family home builders with several housing alternatives, like townhouses, condos and apartment buildings.

Famous American architects – from Buckminster to Frank Lloyd Wright – explored and encouraged the promise of prefabricated modular homes. But it’s only in the last few decades that the industry has really come into its own.

There’s no denying it! The wave of the future in multi-family housing is modular buildings and the best part is, these prefabricated structures can be built in a matter of weeks depending on the size of the project.

Here are some examples of why modular-built multi-family housing is gaining popularity throughout the Northeast:

  • Simply put, modular construction is a process in which buildings are constructed off-site, under controlled factory conditions. 
  • Modular construction uses identical materials and designs to the same codes and standards as traditional stick-built construction but does so in about half the time. 
  • Buildings are constructed in “modules” that are then put together on-site. These modular buildings possess the same design intent and specifications as their on-site built counterparts, without any compromise.
  • Multi-family homes offer builders proof that modular home construction can be more than cookie cutter production housing. 
  • Manufacturers across the U.S. are building a range of multi-family structures such as townhouses, condos and apartments. By employing modular technology in a highly-controlled factory setting, this unique construction approach allows the manufacturer to provide ultimate quality control.  In addition, price is controlled allowing the builder to eliminate unnecessary cost overruns – the project is then built on-time and within budget.
  • If you’re a soon-to-be owner, architect or property developer, a modular factory-built unit is likely the best choice when it comes to quality, affordability and speed of occupancy.

So, why aren’t all multi-family homes built using modular construction?

To some degree, they are. The building industry has been progressing toward modular construction for years. Cabinets, windows, roof trusses and door systems are no longer fabricated on site, but rather built in modern factories and delivered by truck to the site. These modular components boast enhanced quality, reduced costs and fast-tracked construction schedules for home builders everywhere.

A typical site-built home may use up to 30 percent modularized components. Some builders have even extended this modular approach to take in larger components, such as panelized walls and pre-formed concrete foundation systems. Full modular construction is simply the next commonsense step in this evolution.


multi-family home summit new jersey

In Part II, we’re going to examine the many advantages of modular construction when it comes to multi-family housing projects.

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