Modular Homes Offer Infinite Possibilities: Part 2

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saranac Westchester ModularModular Homes Offer Infinite Possibilities: Part 2

How does a homebuilder make a modular home beautiful? Does he or she take part in the beautification of their new home?

A homeowner beautifies their modular home in an abundance of ways.


The Exterior

Today’s custom modular home manufacturers and contractors employ every conceivable exterior finish and fanfare to their homes. They usually side them in vinyl, and trim out the siding with wider corner boards.

In a neighborhood of stucco finishes, the contractor can supply stucco. In a neighborhood of cedar shakes, the contractor can offer the same. Depending on the homeowner’s likings, they highlight the windows and doors with shutters or mantles, and they adorn the eaves with frieze boards and dentil molding. They expand roof overhangs and erect gable returns to provide the home a more custom look, or they add character to their homes with stepped roofs, dormers and Victorian turrets.

The homebuyer can tailor a stylish ranch, an old-style two-story or a Cape Cod, from contemporary to craftsman style. If you can dream it, a modular home builder can help you design and build the home of your dreams.

Choose from an almost endless selection of front doors and windows. Add carvings or intricate markings to your front door. Choose among a myriad of different shapes, designs and colors for your windows.

Log, cedar, cottage lap, stone, brick, stucco or any combination you desire can side your new home. Take some ideas, mix and match or do something completely different. It’s your home, it should be designed the way you want it.

Finally, the paint, if and where needed. Every color in the color wheel has its own significance. When talking about paints for a modular home, a chosen color can represent the homeowner’s personality and can even change how an individual perceives the home.

Once a modular home’s exterior has been dressed up, it’s usually impossible to tell whether the home was built at a factory or on-site.


Living Room Westchester Modular

The Interior

Some home builders would rather focus on the interior than the exterior. For example, while the outside might still be the conventional design that fits right into your new neighborhood, the inside may be an assembly of open rooms that freely flow one into the other.

Regardless of a particular homebuilder’s taste, when it comes to decorating, trim, and stylemodular home manufacturers offer full-range flexibility to custom build interior detail and built-ins. You can change anything that you can imagine. This applies to custom cabinetry,  stunning kitchens and appliances from basic to restaurant-grade, luxurious bathrooms, beautiful bedrooms, multi-story wraparound stairways and spacious closets.

A fireplace can have a marble look, or it can be stone, brick or even sheetrock.

Nine-foot ceilings? Sure, rooms can be enhanced by having a higher ceiling. And there is no structural reason not to have an area that is two or even three stories high.


So, you’re environmentally conscious and you want your home to reflect your beliefs.

Modular construction allows you to easily incorporate sustainability. You can specify the use of recycled materials, LED lighting, high-efficiency mechanical systems, and sustainably harvested wood just as you could with any house. Choose from cork floors, recycled wood siding and high-tech windows that lock air in. Many modular homes come with Energy Star appliances and have customization options that include solar panel roofs.  

By promoting green building, modular homes can conserve limited resources and protect our natural environment for the long-term health of future generations


Westchester Modular Dream Kitchen


As we’ve seen, modular homes offer almost limitless design opportunities. And as noted, your home should reflect your personality and your lifestyle. Westchester Modular Homes will take your custom design and build it specifically for you. We’ll take your ideas and needs and turn them into your dream home.

Our team of modular home professionals are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. During the design stage, they’ll present a wide range of choices as you create a truly unique home. Just knowing what choices you’ll have, and when, can go a long way toward making your custom home building process smooth and result in the home you’ve always dreamed about.

Our technicians, craftsmen and assemblers are well trained and professionally supervised, resulting in built-in excellence.

We pride ourselves on being the custom home builder that has the answers when you need them the most.

Why not take advantage of modern modular construction for your new home?

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