Modular Homes Are Stronger: FEMA

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Modular homes are constructed offsite, transported to your land and then assembled. Because of this unique process, many think of modular homes are being less substantial and strong than traditional construction. Some ever wonder openly: Are modular homes safe?

The first answer is “yes” — modular homes are extremely safe. But there’s a secret behind modular homes that many may find surprising: They’re actually safer than traditional homes.

This assessment comes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, better known as FEMA. FEMA is the organization that responds first when disaster strikes in areas around the United States and their experience shows that FEMA modular homes stand up just as well as, and often better than, traditionally constructed homes. Here’s a look at the reasons why:

Quality Construction Processes

Advanced modular home safety is first a product of the construction process. Modular homes are built in factories where the environment is controlled and every aspect of manufacturing is conducted with care and attention to detail. The professionals who are building these homes are cranking them out day after day, and this repetition leads to both precision and accuracy.

The materials used are tough and strong, and each component is built to withstand not only the elements but also the highway journey to the assembly site.

By comparison, FEMA has found that damage to traditional homes is the result of poor attention to detail and low standards of quality — characteristics you just won’t find in modular home construction.

Careful Inspections

Modular home benefits also include a number of inspections. These inspections begin during the construction period, when a home’s components are still in the controlled manufacturing environment. These inspections continue as the components are shipped to the assembly site and there are further inspections by local code and compliance inspectors during and after construction.

Traditionally constructed homes are not subjected to this many inspections. The sheer number of inspections helps catch any issues during the manufacturing and assembly process, and the ultimate results are made that much stronger and better.

Advanced Designs

The approach to manufacturing FEMA prefab homes is one that focuses on rigidity and strength, which help these modular homes stand tall and strong in high winds and rains and other elements. Modular home safety is the product of advanced designs that are proven to handle extreme weather better than traditionally constructed homes.

When you live in an area that faces hurricanes, tropical storms and other elements, the chances of your home surviving these weather events is increased when you choose FEMA modular homes.

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