Modular Commercial Building: A Smart Choice for Your Business

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If your business is growing fast, you may be overwhelmed with decisions regarding how to scale your operations, such as:

  • Do we hire more staff, and if so, what departments need help?
  • Should we upgrade our equipment, and if so, what should we purchase?
  • Should we invest in a newer, larger facility, or should we expand our existing structure?

We have an answer for that third question — use commercial modular buildings.

Modular commercial buildings are a smart option for adding extra space. They’re cost-effective, easy to build relative to finding a new workplace, and able to take advantage of the latest in building technologies.

Let’s examine each of these points and determine whether a modular building would work well for your business.


Modular Buildings: Cost-Effective Solution for Your Company

Finding a new workplace for your expanding business can be an expensive venture. You’ll need to designate staff to conduct the search, hire a real estate broker, and face the prospect of increased rent and overhead with a larger space. Here in the New York metropolitan area, that can prove especially challenging. Land is at a premium and great spaces get snatched up in the blink of an eye.

Adding a modular commercial building can help your business save quite a bit of money. You’ll simply need to partner with a reputable modular builder, present them with your design ideas, budget needs, and space requirements, and have them take care of the rest. Once the modular building or addition is erected, you’ll be able to benefit from the increased energy efficiency afforded by the newer building materials used to construct the unit, saving you money on your power bills and helping allocate financial resources to more needed areas.

Modular Commercial Buildings Are Easy to Build

Modular construction, on average, takes less time to complete than building an entirely new structure. It can arguably take less time than searching for another building as well.

When you take into consideration your budget, your spatial and floor plan needs, and your timeline for needing a larger facility, modular construction’s attractiveness becomes apparent.

Don’t risk ending up in a facility that’s a bad fit for your company because of a rushed relocation. Use the resources already available to you to build out what you already have.

Taking Advantage of New Building Technologies

One of the more irritating realities of owning a business is shelling out precious resources on overhead such as utility bills. It can be frustrating to spend more than you feel you should be on heating and lighting costs.

You might be taking a gamble by moving in to a new facility. Your new space may not be properly insulated with the latest windows and doors, or it could come with a leaky building envelope and no insulation at all. Modular building can help your business add a unit you are responsible for designing, allowing you the opportunity to choose solid insulation options and energy efficient components.

Save a few extra bucks each month. Opt for a modular unit.

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Westchester Modular is an employee-owned, Wingdale, NY-based builder that has constructed commercial modular homes, town homes and other units for residents and businesses throughout the New York metropolitan area for thirty years. We have built some of the finest modular units the area has to offer and are sure to provide your business with solidly built, attractive modular buildings.

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