Luxurious Home Design Trends for 2017

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Luxurious Home Design Trends for 2017

What’s in store for luxury home design trends in 2017? Look for several new themes to emerge, both in luxury modular homes and traditionally constructed homes. Here’s a look at several of the most prominent themes for 2017:

  • Outdoor Spaces: Do you have a patio or other outdoor space for gathering? These outdoor spaces are the ideal venue for spending time in 2017. There’s nothing quite like sitting outside on a beautiful spring day or summer evening, looking at the stars and enjoying something to drink. Make sure you have the perfect space for outdoor gathering.
  • Emphasized Kitchens: Kitchens are becoming the new living rooms — spaces where everyone gathers to eat and talk and generally enjoy each other. Kitchens in 2017 will include big space, commercial-grade appliances, huge pantries, warming drawers, wine refrigerators and much more. If in the past a comprehensive entertainment room was important, today the same emphasis will be placed on comprehensive kitchens.
  • Useful Closets: Closets are sometimes an afterthought, spaces that are drawn into home plans after everything else is taken care of. But, in 2017, large closets that proactively anticipate the homeowner’s needs will be the new trend.
  • Inviting Bathrooms: Bathrooms in 2017 will tilt more toward what you’ll find at a spa. New homes will include inviting wet areas and plenty of space to relax and unwind before a long day begins or after a long day has finished.
  • Mix-and-Match Metal: Don’t be afraid to pair brass with bronze, polished and silver nickel, or other different metals in 2017. Mixing metals allows you to find ways to express your creativity and deliver contradiction that can make a bedroom or living space more interesting and attractive.
  • Nature Indoors: Interior trends in 2017 are moving toward nature, including the use of terracotta and earthy tones. Tiki items and cork are going to be popular materials in coffee tables, side tables and other living space features.
  • Minimalism: You’ll note that the concept of less-is-more is going to grow more and more prominent in 2017. Homeowners will look to find more items and spaces that are just as functional as they are attractive, and that what once passed for comprehensive décor will begin to feel more cluttered in 2017.
  • Smart Technology: Homes in 2017 will be more connected than ever before, including smart entertainment, smart appliances, smart security and smart thermostats. These smart features should make a home more convenient, more comfortable, more efficient and safer.

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