How to Move Without Stress: 5 Stress-Free Moving Tips

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Moving is a universally dreaded reality of the modern world. Don’t let the prospect of a move cause you anxiety. Here are a few tips to reduce stress and help you refocus on the exciting future that lies ahead of you in your new home.

Properly Plan

A plan for executing your move can help focus your mind on the task and remind you to include details you may otherwise forget. Let’s say you’re making a cross-town move over the course of a week. You should spend the first few days sorting, packing, and cleaning. After that, spend 2-3 days executing the move. Once you’ve moved in, give yourself a couple days to unpack and decompress.

Make sure to build in time to eat and rest. It’s tempting to do all the heavy lifting in one fell swoop, but your body needs time to regenerate. Designated relaxation time will help you manage your stress in a more effective manner.

Book Your Vehicles in Advance

If you need to rent a moving truck, reserve it as soon as you know the dates for your move. Give yourself time to compare the costs of renting from different companies. If you need to purchase extra moving boxes from the vehicle renting company, an advance booking will give you time to evaluate your on-hand storage equipment.

Recruit Help

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for help. Offer to take them out for a meal as a token of appreciation. Hire movers if necessary.

Label Your Storage Containers

If you’re moving a lot of home goods, it’s a smart idea to label your storage containers so you know where to find everything when it’s time to unpack in your new place. This can be accomplished easily with a few strokes of a boldly colored magic marker.

Don’t Hoard

Throw away things you don’t need as you sift through piles of old housewares, clothing, and paperwork. There’s someone who could use that extra ironing board you’re hanging on to.

Consider holding a yard sale or donating your unneeded items to a charity organization, where you might be eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.

Follow the tips above to move without stress!

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