How Do I Find the Right Land to Build a Modular Home?

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One of the frequent questions builders ask is “Where can I find land to build a modular home?” The land you choose for a modular home building project will affect the final curb appeal and resale value of the property. That’s why it’s important to know how to find land for a modular home.

You have three options: to add the modular home to an existing property, to tear down the building on an existing lot or to find a new lot to build the home. At Westchester Modular Homes, we can provide our professional expertise and decades of experience to help you build a home that will attract good returns in any of these following categories.


Modular room add-ons are cost-effective, energy-efficient and functional. You can use them to quickly expand a building even when you don’t want to make a huge investment. This will increase your client’s comfort and allow you to raise the resale value of the entire property. At Westchester Modular, we help you become one of our builders, so you can grow your business and enjoy higher revenue.

As a Westchester builder partner, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Faster project completion time and quick turnaround
  • On-site training on how to build a modular home
  • Free exposure that brings in more clients
  • More leads on prospective customers
  • High-quality modular home products that stand out among competing brands


You can buy a new site or a building subdivision purely for a modular home. As a builder, you can take advantage of the relatively low cost of construction and the durability of modular homes to provide better homes for your customers.

To buy land where your modular home will attract high-net-worth buyers and appreciate in value:

  • Look for land in a neighborhood with a good school district, ease of commuting for workers and good recreational facilities.
  • Choose a lot with a size that’s suitable for the square footage of the modular home you want to build.
  • Select a flat plot when you plan to add a play area for children or a swimming pool.
  • Choose a sloping plot of land when there are drainage issues and you want to bring light into the basement.

Tearing Down or Rebuilding

When a home has been badly damaged by fire, storm or flooding, it may be better to pull it down and build a completely new modular home on the land. This will allow you to take advantage of a developed neighborhood and build a cost-effective, eco-friendly home for your clients. Tearing down and rebuilding is also a great option if your client has their heart set on living in a certain area but is having difficulty finding an empty lot sufficient for a modular home.

Building a completely new structure allows you to:

  • Avoid the higher costs of remodeling and dubious construction timelines
  • Get modular homes built faster than conventional stick-built homes
  • Include innovations and energy-efficient features that may be too costly or almost impossible with a remodeled home
  • Comply with all building codes and build a home that will appreciate in value
  • Give your client their dream home in their choice of location

For more in-depth knowledge and information on how to find land to build a modular home, please contact us now. We’re ready to provide our professional advice to all prospective modular home builders.

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