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For over 30 years, Westchester Modular Homes has served the residents of the Northeast Region of U.S. by providing high-quality custom modular homes, expert construction assistance and the most personalized service available. We’re proud to be an employee-owned and operated company, and we always act with utmost honesty and integrity while putting our clients’ needs first.

With a limitless selection of unique floor plans and the ability to customize everything from layout, fixtures, kitchen fittings, floor coverings, exteriors and much more, Westchester Homes will deliver the perfect modular home to fit your needs, budget and lifestyle. Our goal is to become your No. 1 trusted partner and help you build the custom modular home of your dreams.

Are You Building a Modular Home Near Boston, MA?

If you’re looking for modular home construction near Boston, you won’t find a better company than Westchester. Our outstanding quality modular home design and manufacturing process have established us as an industry leader in Boston and beyond. Our modular homes near Boston aren’t anything like traditional homes. We happen to think they’re better.

Our factory building procedures allow for a controlled environment, which:

  • Maximizes quality thanks to close supervision and monitoring
  • Minimizes noise and debris, as well as on-site traffic issues
  • Avoids any kind of weather-related delay

The result: top-quality custom homes built faster, more efficiently and within your timeframe and budget. Once your home is fully constructed at our factory, we’ll carefully transport it to your site. At the site, our qualified Boston builder will put your home together quickly and efficiently so you can move in as soon as possible.

About Our Modular Home Builder Near Boston: Westchester Modular Homes of Northeastern Mass. Inc.

As a reputable modular home provider, we want to ensure our clients get the best modular homes with the highest-quality craftsmanship. After careful research and evaluation, we discovered that our quality standards could only be met by a building company that shared our values.

With numerous years of experience and various awards, Westchester Modular Homes of Northeastern Mass. Inc. stood out. Their superior quality, reliability and reputation made them our best choice. We are, therefore, proud to introduce to you an authorized independent builder for Westchester Modular Homes for Boston: Westchester Modular Homes of Northeastern Mass. Inc..

The most important aspect that sets Westchester Modular Homes of Northeastern Mass. Inc. apart from other companies is simple: They’re carpenters first and foremost. They’re not hype men or the type of builders that put up a home but never set foot on the site. All their homes are always fully supervised by their construction managers throughout the entire process. Their homes are also built and finished by seasoned professionals who are worth their trade.

The professionals of Westchester Modular Homes of Northeastern Mass. Inc. work extra hard to ensure your custom modular home meets and exceeds the building regulations set by local, state and federal governments. Apart from meeting all building requirements, they also strive to meet energy-efficiency requirements, allowing custom modular homes in the New England area to save more on energy bills. They do all this so you can be completely happy in your home.

Visit Westchester Modular Homes of Northeastern Mass. Inc. Today

Westchester Modular Homes of Northeastern Mass. Inc. has built hundreds of custom modular homes in Boston, creating countless satisfied customers in the process. Get in touch with Design. Build. Modular. through Westchester Modular Homes’ contact page or through their official website, and make your dream of owning a modular home a reality!

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