Your Complete Guide to New Modular Construction in Connecticut

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Complete guide to modular construction in CT ad

Connecticut is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the U.S. It’s hard to visit and want to go home again. Maybe it’s time you turn to New Haven County, New London County or Middlesex County to become your new home base, and let Westchester Modular Homes make sure it’s the perfect move.

We’ve been working in the local markets since 1986 and have helped generations find the home they’ve always dreamed of. Modular homes give you everything you want without requiring you to look for new lots or deal with piecemeal remodels that seem to cost more and more each time.

You’ll find many benefits when choosing a modular home no matter where you live, but there are some unique options specific to Connecticut. Let’s discover why your lot and your neighborhood are worth it, and why starting with a new home in the same great location is often a smart move.

New Home Construction in New Haven County

More than 850,00 People live in this area of CT ad

New Haven County is one of the largest counties in Connecticut and includes the ever-popular New Haven and Waterbury. More than 850,000 people live in this area. It’s a long-term hub of activity with a compelling history.

New Haven County claims that both pizza and the hamburger were invented there. It’s home to top universities such as Yale, and it boasts the first public library in the nation. There’s a lot of antiquity, fame and fun in the county, which continues to drive new residents to its borders.

90% of families have lived in the same house for more than one year ad

The hard part about moving to New Haven County is that there are typically less than 10,000 homes on the market at any given time, according to Zillow, and the county itself is just under 605 square miles. Almost 90% of families in the county have lived in the same house for more than one year and 40% of residential units are located within multi-unit buildings like apartments and condos. Compared to the rest of Connecticut, there’s a lot of people in a little real estate.

Waiting for your dream home to become available in New Haven can be a long process. Small turnover and new construction favoring a multi-unit building can make it feel like you must choose between a home you love and a neighborhood you love — but that’s not the case.

Locating the right neighborhood and lot can be tough. Modern innovation in modular home design is allowing families to move into new areas or turn older homes into their dream destination. With the ability to create a new, custom home after a teardown or add a second story in as little as three days, New Haven County might be the perfect place for the home you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re looking to grow your home with your family, want a redesign to make the best use of the space now that the kids are out of the nest or simply update your home to stay abreast of the latest in design and décor, the home of your dreams is always a possibility in New Haven County. The best part is that you might not need to pack everything up and find somewhere new.

Your New Home Guide in New London County

If you love history, you might become enamored with New London County in Connecticut. Established on May 10, 1666, New London County first contained Norwich, New London, Stonington and Saybrook, but it has continued to grow as new people and towns cropped up nearby.

1/4 of New London County residents under 18 ad

New London County tends to be one of the younger areas of Connecticut with one-fourth of its residents under 18 and almost 60% of residents in their working years. Fewer of these residents own their homes, meaning there are a broader set of rental and multi-unit properties, with a few hundred new locations cropping up each year.

The County is home to many top schools for children and adults and features exciting entertainment, from large theaters and parks full of events to miles of beautiful beaches. New London is also home to the United States Coast Guard Academy and has a significant focus on public service both in and out of the armed services.

You’ll find a community that cares about its people, land and country, making it a compelling space for new families and career-minded folk looking to find peace of mind without losing access to the finer things in life.

Many cities in New London were founded during the industrial boom in the early and mid-1700s. Some industrial centers remain in use today, while others have been renovated to house beautiful spaces in attractive downtown areas. Whether you prefer the city’s skyline or the woods and beaches, New London may be your preferred place.

Norwich also tends to be a compelling place for younger residents thanks to a booming art scene, buttressed by new casinos, spas and upscale hotels.

The good news for people considering a move to New London County is that there are thousands of lots on the market in both urban and rural areas. There’s plenty of access to high-quality land and small homes that have solid construction. This gives you plenty to work with if you want to increase the size of your home or spend a little more to build the home of your dreams.

There’s plenty of room to grow on your land when you use modular development for additional stories, new homes or even in-law quarters on the edge of your property.

Middlesex County Homes for New Residents

Population has remained steady at 165,00 ad

One of the smaller counties in Connecticut is Middlesex County, which was created in 1785. The population has remained steady at near 165,000 for many years, with a small ebb and flow. Land doesn’t change hands often, and less than 500 new housing units were built between 2010 and 2014.

Apartments and rentals aren’t as popular in Middlesex County as other areas. Seventy-five percent of people own the homes and housing units they live in, which further reduces the amount of traffic you’ll see for new home opportunities.

Less than 2,000 homes were on the market at any given time in 2015 and 2016, including a wide range of lots, foreclosures and small homes. Across the county, homes range significantly in price, with many popular neighborhoods representing both ends of the cost spectrum. The median price rests slightly under $300,000, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity for new homeowners to enter the market.

Middlesex County is a loosely connected series of towns that share resources and work together, but it hasn’t had a unified government control since 1960. The county has built a reputation as the heartland of the insurance industry, with its first insurance company established in the late 1700s. Hartford alone houses 25 insurance companies including The Hartford and AETNA, making it a stable economy with an industry that enjoys security.

Westchester Modular Homes believes you can create the home of your dreams in an area you already love. New restaurants and old favorites sit side by side, with access to top schools and plentiful jobs. Middlesex may be the perfect location for your family and an excellent location for your home.

Home appreciation ad

Home appreciation is down -0.5% in the last 12 months, which may make it a great time to buy if you’re looking to create your own custom home. Building a new place can allow you to take advantage of price cuts and value losses in existing structures, but also to benefit from the increased value that many rebuilt modular homes achieve.

Find the land you want to live on, and let us help you turn it into a home you can’t live without.

Teardowns: Make Any Lot Into the Home of Your Dreams

Connecticut has a wide range of homes, neighborhoods and cities that are easy to fall in love with at any age or stage of life. New Haven County, New London County and Middlesex County are beloved places that are hard to leave. The great news is that now you never have to.

With a full home teardown, you can live in the house you want while staying in the place you love.

Have you found yourself in any of the following scenarios?

  • Your home no longer fits your needs
  • You love your neighborhood but need more space
  • Your kids grew up and moved out, leaving you with too much home for your needs
  • You want to stay on top of the latest design trends
  • You want to be more energy efficient but don’t meet structural requirements for new Energy Star appliances, solar panels and more

The above scenarios may have caused you to uproot in the past, but today you can stay put and enjoy everything you want and need. Keeping your home can become a remodeling project or a chance to teardown and rebuild your home to meet your custom specifications.

In years past, many experts recommended remodels because they’re an easy choice. Today, new home construction is just as simple. And it’s actually a better option for creating long-term value in your home. Remodeling can eat into your budget with minimal return because your home doesn’t undergo a structural change that makes it valuable to new buyers.

A teardown and rebuild allows you to adopt the latest design trends and top appliances of today, using a customized floorplan that perfectly suits your lifestyle. You can create an interior that fits the exterior of your home, without spending exorbitant fees for an internal remodel that leaves you with a faded, aged exterior.

Create your dream home and enjoy the latest and greatest construction in New Haven County, New London County and Middlesex County, or set a completely new trend in your neighborhood’s aesthetic.

Change Your Home’s Style to Match Your Lifestyle

A teardown and rebuild of your home gives you the perfect chance to customize it to meet today’s lifestyle. You can rework your home to enjoy more use of your space, add rooms for your kids or grandkids, take advantage of views, make room for a hot tub outdoors or reinvent your space to turn the entire bottom floor into an entertainment area.

There are also plenty of options to satisfy your need of more hobby space. Painters would love a bright room with big windows facing the sunrise or sunset. Movie buffs can build a room made for a high-definition projector, built-in sound system and plenty of soundproofing to allow nearby rooms to remain usable.

You can also remove walls and separations downstairs, so your home can hold charity events, large parties or operate as a meeting space for a budding home business.

You can indulge in the latest technology with a modular home. Each unit provides access to the most energy efficient appliances on the market, supports top Internet speeds and equipment, and offers home automation services. Embrace traditional architecture, new design or bridge the two in an environmentally conscious design that fits who you are and what you do.

Keep the Neighborhood You Love

In New Haven County, New London County and Middlesex County, real estate can be tricky to acquire, especially in the neighborhoods that you’ve grown to love. Houses aren’t often listed on the market and factors such as price and lot size might further restrict your choices.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your neighborhood, friends, schools, or anything else you like about your home or area in order to build the home of your dreams. With Westchester Modular Homes, you can choose a home and have it delivered to any existing lot across New Haven, New London, and Middlesex Counties. Our specialty is making sure your home is everything you want — in the location that you love.

Benefits of Modular Over a Remodel

Remodeling has fallen out of favor in recent years. After a host of design TV shows and national trends that promoted housing flips, we’ve discovered that when performed improperly, remodeling doesn’t generate long-term value. Market experts have found that flipped, remodeled houses are often deceiving. Homes sold in winter may have a faulty AC, while those on the market in summer may suffer with an old or non-functional heating system.

These issues typically surface during a proper home inspection, but it often means that the homes available for your move aren’t wise options. Shoddy workmanship can beneath a beautifully painted surface.

Modular homes are built in safe, stable environments and are designed to last for decades. In the harsh winter storms of New Haven County, New London County and Middlesex County, our units stand strong and safe. There’s no worry about a poorly installed roof, ancient dry wall or mold lurking in unusual spots.

Key areas where modular homes provide benefits

Key areas where modular homes provide a benefit over a remodel of an existing unit include:

  • Energy-efficient appliances, including your HVAC system
  • Proper circulation, filtration and insulation
  • Clean, modern windows designed to let in light but keep out heat and cold
  • The latest materials that treat the Earth and your home well
  • Comparable square footage and bedroom-to-bathroom ratio that will help you sell your home in the future

A teardown removes the bad elements of an older structure and allows you to start new. You can enjoy everything you want within a structure that will last for years and years. Everything is new, all at once, so there’s no cycle of replacements from the roof to the foundation.

Considerations During Your Dream Home Rebuild

Starting new home construction can be daunting, but the process is straightforward and can run smoothly with the right partner. Every neighborhood in New Haven County, New London County and Middlesex County has its own feeling and style. We provide a complete set of luxury design options, as well as a brochure for the whole design process to help you determine what you want. You deserve the home of your dreams, and our gallery of homes is a great place to begin designing a home you’ll never want to leave.

One important thing to know that you’ll be working directly with an Authorized Independent Builder throughout the process. The builder is your point of contact because they will purchase modular components from the factory. Work with them to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want from the design phase through the building itself.

Contact us when you’re ready to start, so we can learn more about your home today and what you want for your home tomorrow. While some rebuilds will have additional steps not listed, this guide will give you a smart overview of the process and the major milestones you’ll face:

1. Start Your Design Conversation

We offer a full product catalog ad

If you’ve ever been to a home show, you know there are many options for a small remodel. Designing your custom-built home increases your options, which is why we offer a full product catalog suite and have plenty of people on staff to help you with design choices.

On our website, you can choose everything from rooms and level modules to the wood grain for your new hardwood floors, cabinets, fixtures and more. We want each home to reflect its owners, so we work hard to acquire relationships with a variety of distributors — all to make sure you get the best they offer.

When you’re overwhelmed with choices, we’re here to help you make a selection. If you don’t know much about central vac systems are can’t decide which Jacuzzi tub best fits your plans, we can help. Our expertise comes from real-world experience and the most trustworthy statistics on the market, which is why you’ll see Anderson windows, Whirlpool appliances and many other brand names available.

Reach out to us about general questions or work with your authorized independent builder when it comes to applying the design direct to your home building process.

We can deliver the best and most efficient options. It not only makes the design process feel more familiar, but it also ensures you’ll have many years of enjoyment in your new home.

Initial conversations will discuss price packages, availability in your area and ways to improve value, giving us a good footing as we start the planning process.

2. Have Your Home and Lot Reviewed

Even during a teardown, Westchester Modular Homes works hard to understand your home. Knowing the utility connections, lines and other hallmarks helps us determine what needs to be installed, removed and turned off during the process.

A thorough review of your home and your lot are also required, so we can obtain demolition permits. Your local community wants to know that your home construction won’t negatively impact anyone else’s service. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind too, knowing you won’t disturb your neighbors.

The authorized independent builder will also have the chance to see what is salvageable and reusable in your home. You may have a wonderful wood floor, new ceramics, amazing stone in your patio or a tiled backsplash that is sentimental. Looking at your home together helps them determine what we can incorporate into your home and if any other elements might be recyclable.

Whenever possible, our partners try to reclaim and recycle because there’s a core commitment at Westchester Modular Homes to improve the planet while improving our customer’s lives.

Discuss payment and financing

3. Discuss Payment and Financing

A thorough review of your home and your lot will allow us to prepare your home for the process, as well as formulate payment considerations. You’ll receive an estimate of costs, which may include the units of the home you choose, work required to level or manage your land, removal of your previous home and other transportation needs.

The tender document will help you determine pricing and payment schedules and help you understand your finance options.

At this point, we will also review local ordinances to ensure that everything you want is acceptable. This covers simple things like ensuring your final selection has a proper exterior paint color or that all materials meet your local HOA standards.

4. Finalize Plans for Your Custom Home

At this stage, we’ll work with your authorized independent builder to develop a plan for the final layout and interiors of your new home. This allows you to choose all of the important finishing touches, making this house your true home. Your builder will review many of our standard and luxury custom options, determining the best in materials, layouts and appliances for you.

Some of your options and discussions will include

Interior walls, fixtures and features are flexible — with only a few exceptions — so you can structure everything in a way that you love. You’ll work with a design team to ensure everything is properly planned. Some of your options and discussions will include:

  • Anderson 200 Series Windows
  • Anderson 400 Series Windows
  • Bath Vanity Layouts
  • Dal-Tile
  • Delta Roman Tub Faucet Options
  • Delta Tub & Shower Faucet Options
  • Exterior Patio Doors
  • Fiber Classic Entry Doors
  • Fireplaces with Optional Surroundings
  • Fully Vaulted and Tray Ceilings
  • Jacuzzi Tubs
  • Oak Stair Systems
  • Schlage Exterior Door Hardware
  • Shaw Carpet
  • Silverline Windows
  • Skylights
  • Smooth Star Entry Doors
  • Superior Fireplaces & Mantles
  • Walk-out Boxed and Angle Bay Bump-outs
  • Whirlpool Appliances

5. Obtain Permits and Begin Construction

Once you finalize your plans, your authorized independent builder obtain the permits needed for the teardown and removal of your existing structure, as well as the permits needed for the installation of your new home. The timeline of this depends on your availability, the builder’s, permit schedules in your area and expectations of the weather.

Westchester Modular Homes works with every customer to make the process as smooth as possible. We suggest planning the construction during simpler times of the year. If there’s a period during the year that you normally take a vacation, or a time of the year when school is less likely to be disrupted, let your authorized independent builder know and they’ll work with you.

After you’ve selected a time frame for the project and obtained the permits, it’s time to begin construction. We recommend that you use this time to go on vacation or find other nearby accommodations for yourself and your family. If you need assistance, we can suggest nearby services that will move your furniture and valuables to storage, potentially with flexible terms so you can limit costs.

With a modular home, you will enjoy a faster turnaround. Where a traditional renovation takes months and months, a modular construction only takes weeks. This presents you with the added benefit of a shorter time away from your home.

6. Complete the Teardown

Crafting a new home starts with getting rid of the old ad

Crafting a new home starts with getting rid of the old. Your authorized independent builder come to your lot and mobilize the site with the needed tools and machinery to remove any existing structures. They will then conduct an internal review where we note any elements that can be reclaimed, reused or recycled. Materials that can often be recycled include bricks, cabinet materials, concrete, hardwood floors, shingles, stone and masonry, and other internal materials such as piping or equipment components. Expert contractors then remove these items and the demolition begins.

Heavy equipment arrives to knock down your structure and haul away all parts. Contractors compress materials as much as possible, limiting removal costs. They also perform practices that prevent the demolition from being a neighborhood annoyance. For example, they thoroughly spray down materials during a teardown to prevent dust and other elements from floating through the air.

After roughly two days, your lot is cleared and your authorized independent builder can start to work on grading and preparing your land for a new foundation. We clear and level area, trim trees, remove stones and more — all so there’s a nice place to start building your new home.

Build the new home ad

7. Build the New Home

After the team has removed your old structure and the foundation is ready, the modules will start arriving on your property. Units are shipped on large trucks and arrive either all at once or over the course of construction. To protect your home, modules aren’t stacked on each other until they’re being installed. This limits concerns and helps ensure structural integrity.

Choosing a modular home means each element of your home is essentially a self-contained unit. They’re built in some of the best manufacturing facilities in the U.S., so they’re sturdy and don’t experience most of the problems that on-site construction faces.

The shipping process is actually the most arduous, and modules are built specifically with shipment in mind. You’ll enjoy a home that’s rated to be safe during natural disasters, long trips down the road and the seasonal weather you can expect in Connecticut.

Cranes unload each module and place it on your foundation in the correct place, while teams work on connecting all of the internal workings of your home. The manufacturing process installs all of the plumbing, electrical wiring and other important pieces in your walls, so most of the work is “buttoning up,” or connecting each unit after it is placed on your foundation.

Contractors, plumbers, electricians and other experts will still be on hand to test your home and make sure everything works properly. Your authorized independent builder will also have an expert on site to check special elements of your home. If anything is damaged, it’s replaced or fixed immediately.

We rarely see problems, but you’ll appreciate knowing that an expert is available and on site to handle any issue that might arise.

8. Complete Interior Finishing Touches

Big-picture elements involves connecting all internal workings ad

The final big-picture elements involve sealing your home and connecting all of the internal workings. Once that’s complete, a group of contractors, carpenters and other experts will handle the final installation elements.

Your appliances are shipped separately and installed by the general contractor to ensure that they’re safe and properly installed. Certain elements — such as sinks, dishwashers, showers and built-in units — will arrive previously installed.

Your authorized independent builder will thoroughly test everything — and then your home is nearly finished.

The final elements will differ for each home. Sometimes you may want a Jacuzzi tub outside, so they’ll work to finalize your porch and seating areas. Patios and décor columns are also added at this stage. Landscaping and exterior stone elements can be added as well.

Your team support you with modular options like in-law quarters, which can be delivered and constructed in the same manner.

Welcome home ad

9. Return Home

When everything is tested and secure, you’re ready to start moving back into your home. You can actually start the delivery of furniture and other items while we finish the exterior elements such as landscaping and patio installation. This will speed up the whole process and get you back into your home sooner.

Instead of being away from your home for months — as you would with a traditional model — you will only be gone for weeks. And you’ll come home to something that is built specifically for you, tailored to meet your every need. People rarely find a place that fits them perfectly, and we work hard to make that experience come true for everyone who works with Westchester Modular Homes.

Experience the Benefits of Choosing Modular Design

Modular homes provide a great deal of customization, but you will experience plenty of secondary advantages when you build your own home with Westchester Modular Homes.

Primarily, you will enjoy a more energy efficient home. This means you’ll likely see reduced heating and cooling bills, enjoy more comfortable heating and cooling in your home, and use high-quality appliances that last for years and years. Our New York construction facility uses an Energy Star certification program, allowing us to test and ensure your home will meet today’s best standards.

Our customers currently save an average of 15% off their utility costs when they choose green modular homes.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also be happy to know that purchasing your modular home will benefit the Westchester Modular Homes initiative, which is improving the planet with each new home. By using top materials and techniques, our home teardowns and replacements have led to reduced emissions and pollutants equal to planting 27 trees each year, taking 18 cars off the road and reducing the consumption of an additional 1,000 gallons of gas every month.

Enjoy Faster Home Construction

Modular homes use the latest construction and fabrication techniques to speed up their design and production. You will see the home you want delivered and installed faster, saving you money on multiple levels.

Modular design allows your home to be built faster, so you will spend less time in a hotel or at a relative’s house. Use the money you save to purchase furnishings for your new, favorite rooms. You also keep more of your cash because our modular homes are designed to reduce waste and feature an energy-efficient construction method.

Stats ad

It’s easy for us to say that you’ll save money, but it makes a bigger impact when we share what our customers and general contractors have told us about using a modular design:

  • Reduced construction expenses for 65% of all modular jobs compared to traditional installs
  • Reduced budget by 6% or more for the entire project, according to 41% of customers
  • Reduced construction site waste by 77% of all modular installations
  • Decreased project schedules 66% of the time
  • Decreased a schedule by four weeks or more for 35% of jobs

Construction crews experience less work, and it takes less time and fewer materials to clean up and process every detail of the project — all of this is savings that are passed on to you. It also reduces the risk that you’ll experience delays due to inclement weather.

Work With the Best Modular Team Today

Now you know the many benefits of choosing a modular home from Westchester Modular Homes. To learn more about these benefits and how modular construction can improve your property values, contact us directly.

Our experience is what you need to achieve a home that fits or breaks the mold in New Haven County, New London County and Middlesex County. There’s no hard sell or aggressive calls. We think you’ll love the homes we offer, and we’re here when you’re ready to experience the joy of a custom built home.

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