Building in the winter months could save you money!

Posted on Oct 26th, 2015 by Westchester | Posted in: Home Trends


Did you know winter is a great time to build a home? One fact that new home buyers should know is that your building window is much wider when you choose to construct your home via the modular building system. Since modular production facilities run all year around unlike traditional stick building, stick building is much more limited and vulnerable due to the weather. They are only able to build during a small part of that winter season if any.


A fact that is not often shared with people outside the industry is that production for manufacturers sometimes wanes during the winter months, but that is good news for you. During the winter months manufacturers may have promotions that can save you a substantial amount of money and/or help you obtain dream options that you may have not been able to afford. For instance, here is a winter promotion that is now being conducted by Westchester Modular Homes.


For the 2015/16 winter season Westchester is announcing “The Choice is Yours’” incentive program.  Starting right now…..Book your order for January or February production, and you will receive one of the following options Free of charge!!
Choose from…


A FREE KITCHEN UPGRADE to any Merillat Classic Series Cabinet


“YOUR HEAT IS ON US” Programcoming off one of the coldest winters on record, Westchester Modular Homes will pay your estimated home heating bill up to $5,000.


Call your Westchester Independent Authorized builder today and ask how you might qualify for this great offer.


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