Achieving Energy Efficiency in Modular Homes: Part 4

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Achieving Energy Efficiency in Modular Homes: Part 4

In the fourth and final installment of our blog on the energy efficiency achieved in modular homes, we’re going to continue our discussion on how this directly benefits the home buyer.


Let’s talk green.

Constructing modular homes in environmentally-controlled buildings before delivering them to the building site gives rise to significant green advantages.

  • For example, in traditional stick-built homes, dumpsters of surplus bits and pieces are transported to landfills every day.
  • In today’s modular building facility, they are able to capture the surplus materials from one modular home and judiciously use them in building the next home. No need to continue cramming the local land-fill.


Thinking about comfort.

Energy efficiency isn’t just about saving money on your utility bill. It’s also about home comfort. You’ll remove those annoying drafts and make the temperature of your modular home more enjoyable and consistent.

  • When your modular house is built better, you won’t encounter cold pockets or heat zones. This means you won’t have to run the A/C at 9:30 at night because your house is still muggy and uncomfortable. That’s because air leaks and poor insulation can make your home feel hotter in the summer, even with a good air conditioning system.
  • The same can be said for an inefficient heating system on those cold winter nights when you have to jack up the heat.

 Once again, we see why more and more home buyers are opting for energy-efficient modular construction.


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Get tax credits by going green.

You may qualify for a tax credit on the cost of purchasing and installing systems that use and produce green energy. Federal tax credits are available for geothermal heating and cooling systems, wind turbines, solar water heaters, and solar panels. We encourage you to learn more about modular home tax credits you can’t afford to miss.


What do you really need to achieve energy efficiency at the outset?

Okay, some of the things that make a home more energy efficient can be postponed. For example, increasing the ceiling or basement insulation can be done at any time. But other items, such as energy-efficient windows or sealing air leaks, should be done when the home is constructed.

Your modular home representative will gladly discuss the various energy-saving options available for your specific home.


Oh, by the way, energy efficiency will also make selling your home a bit easier.

That’s because energy efficient features help increase the resale value of your modular home.

  • Let’s face it, home buyers are frequently attracted to homes with lower operating costs.
  • It’s also a great selling point that your energy-efficient modular home will be helping the environment by reducing the burning of fossil fuels that add to global warming, acid rain and other types of pollution.


At Westchester Modular Homes, we showcase a variety of homes, all of which can be customized to a home buyer’s specific needs. We encourage home buyers to ask as any questions they may have concerning our designs.

Truth is, we may have a design on hand that’s somewhat similar to what you want. Or, you can simply give us a sketch of your idea, and we can go from there. Even small design ideas are extremely valuable in designing and building an energy-efficient home.

Have a design idea? Just give us a call at Westchester Modular Homes to discuss it as well as the many available options.

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