5 Myths About Modular Homes

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When you’re considering buying a new modular home, you’ll be faced with various ideas, myths and misconceptions about this kind of home. Modular homes are similar to site-built homes and offer certain advantages over them. But they’re quite different from manufactured or mobile homes. To help you appreciate the innovations and benefits you’ll enjoy when you buy a modular home, we’ll debunk the following myths about modular homes.

Myth #1: Modular Homes Are Trailer Homes

While modular homes can be classified as prefabricated, they aren’t the same as a manufactured trailer or mobile homes. Modular homes are not HUD homes or double-wides. One of the most fundamental distinctions is that, while modular homes need to comply with the local building codes and the highest building construction standards, mobile homes only need to be certified by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Myth #2: Modular Homes Are Not as Safe as Stick-Built Homes

Many times, people think modular homes are manufactured homes and associate them with shoddy construction. Unfortunately, this is a big misconception. Modular homes are constructed within a factory, and they comply with much tougher quality conditions than most stick-built homes.

Remember that, in addition to fulfilling their purpose in the final home at the owner’s lot, all components must be able to withstand the additional demands that are imposed by transporting them to the site. In reality, FEMA has confirmed that modular homes offer better resistance to damage against hurricanes than site-built homes.

Myth #3: You Can Move in as Soon as the Home Arrives From the Factory

Modular homes are built to about 80 percent in the factory before they are transported to site. A reasonable amount of work needs to be done to complete the building before the owner can move in. For instance, utilities need to be connected, and features like patios and decks need to be built at the site. Other aspects like landscaping are also part of some home construction projects. Usually, you’ll need to wait six weeks or more before you and your family can move in.

Myth #4: Modular Homes Look Inferior to Site-Built Homes

Some ignorant people avoid modular homes because they don’t want other people to know they bought a modular home. This is usually because they view modular homes as mobile or manufactured homes. Rather than shy away from telling people you bought a modular home, you should be eager to let people know that you bought a modular home because it’s more environmentally friendly, it requires less maintenance and it’s more durable than a stick-built home.

Myth #5: Modular Homes Are Harder to Maintain

It’s difficult to explain where this wrong impression came from. Some people think they’ll need to spend more on maintenance after buying a modular home. This is not true because modular homes have very strong and durable parts. They’re tested rigorously in the factory before they’re transported to the site, and they do not have a shorter lifespan than site-built homes.

These are some of the myths you should set aside when planning to buy a modular home. The special designs we offer at Westchester Modular Homes will satisfy the requirements of most home buyers, and we can work with you to accommodate all your special needs.


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