10 Beautiful Modular Homes in New York

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Westchester Modular Homes offers homeowners a wide range of beautiful modular home designs that can fit conveniently into different lot sizes. From grand multi-family and custom colonial designs to capes and ranches, you’ll find or build these modular homes in Orange County, NY and Sullivan County, NY along with other towns and cities in the Empire State. We’ve got many options to suit your taste and financing options.

Custom Colonial in Orangetown, NY

custom colonial modular home orangetown ny

Here is a new 2,240-square-foot custom colonial modular home. It offers a spacious interior with nice privacy and customization options that allow you to create a luxury home. This colonial home can be custom built as a two-story house with an open entry foyer and walkout angle bay design windows along with a master bathroom and Jacuzzi.

Located in Orangetown NY, this is one of our most popular modular homes in Rockland County NY. This kind of home can be built to meet the growing real estate needs of people who are eager to move into this area because it’s not far from the NYC Metro. It also has a good school district consisting of 18 elementary schools, 11 middle schools and eight high schools.


Custom Colonial in Greenburgh, NY

custom colonial modular home greenburgh ny

This 3,300-square-foot custom colonial luxury home was built on the foundation of an old building. Within this home, you’ll find a spacious living room and cathedral style ceilings that are reminiscent of original colonial architecture. Greenburgh, NY hosts a variety of communities and neighborhoods as well as recreational facilities business districts. It’s a 45-minute drive from NYC through Metro-North.


Freedom Ranch in Highland, NY

freedom ranch modular home highland ny

This 1,424-square-foot modular ranch home is a Freedom model that can be customized to include front farmer porches and reverse gables. Within the home, you’ll find a cathedral ceiling, fireplaces, spacious bedrooms, special kitchen features like raised panel oak and an eat-in area with large windows.
This is one of our most popular modular homes in Ulster County, NY. In the Highland community, various historic homes like the Anthony Yelverton House and the Brown-Ellis House are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. So, the area attracts a fairly good number of tourists each year.


Custom Chalet in Chappaqua, NY

custom chalet modular home chappaqua ny

This 2,550-square-foot modular home is known as a Custom Chalet or Custom Cape. It provides privacy, spacious living rooms, dining areas, master bedroom and an abundance of natural lighting like you’ll find in luxury homes.  That’s why Helen W. says, “I can’t believe that I took on the project as a novice and I actually have the kind of house I envisioned.”

In Chappaqua, where this home is located, there are neatly paved streets and upscale restaurants. Plus, the Whippoorwill Park has nice playgrounds, playing fields and picnic areas. Also, it’s a little less than an hour’s drive from New York City.


Custom Colonial in Pleasantville, NY

custom colonial modular home pleasantville ny

This 2,464-square-foot custom colonial house was built to suit the special needs and unique tastes of a family in Pleasantville, NY. Built on an inclined plot of land, this home has a well-lit basement and a good drainage system.

Of this project, Garry L. says, “Westchester Modular cared for us as individuals and not just thinking about another job. That was clear when you went out of your way to help us financially through this. Thanks for everything.”

Pleasantville is a vibrant suburban enclave that offers a range of restaurants, shops, theaters and bakeries. The commute via Metro North takes about 50 minutes from this village to Grand Central.


Bedford Colonial in Larchmont, NY

bedford colonial modular home larchmont ny

Here is a 2,796-square-foot Bedford Colonial modular home. It’s a two-story home with an open entry foyer, angle bay windows, maple or oak kitchen cabinets and a Jacuzzi tub to create a grand design for this colonial home. Other customization options are available. Larchmont, where the home is located, has grown to become a thriving community near New York. Its Manor Park has 13 acres along Long Island Sound with gazebos and a beautiful view of the beach.


Custom Colonial in Scarsdale, NY

custom colonial modular home scarsdale ny

This majestic 3,452-square-foot home is one of the most picturesque custom colonial homes built by Westchester Modular Homes in Scarsdale, NY. It contains various customized designs and a spacious interior, cathedral ceilings, large bedrooms and a master bathroom. Scarsdale, NY has been an upscale, leafy, high-end retreat. Its ample recreational facilities provide a special combination of luxury and leisure. It’s just a 32-minute drive from Grand Central, NY, and it’s the base of the famous Greenburgh Nature Center.


Custom Saratoga in Putnam Valley, NY

custpm saratoga modular home putnam valley ny

This 2,600-square-foot home is a modular home built in the renowned Putnam Valley, NY. With an array of custom designs including the open entry foyer, basement and careful use of space, this two-story home offers different luxury options on a relatively small lot. Putnam Valley is an enchanting verdant community that was once exclusively used by vacationers, but now its Canopus Lake is a popular place for rowboat rentals and fishing.


Custom Colonial in Thornwood, NY

custom colonial modular home thornwood ny

This 4,200-square-foot modular home is Westchester’s quintessential custom colonial home. It has spacious living rooms, a dining area, a master bedroom and a bathroom. The two-story building also has an open entry foyer, maple kitchen cabinets and majestic external appearance. Thornwood, NY is a down-to-earth hamlet with a suburban community-oriented vibe. It’s just a 50-minute drive to New York City, and it’s well known for an array of restaurants that serve delicious food.


Georgetown in Eastchester, NY

georgetown modular home eastchester ny

This 4,200-square-foot Georgetown modular home is located in Eastchester, NY. With an impressive grand hip roof and a spacious, luxurious interior design, this home offers excellent features you’ll find in most high-end luxury homes. Eastchester is a charming and warm town with ancient pastoral roots. Plus, it’s just a 35-minute drive from New York City. So, it’s a great suburban enclave for people who love culture and want a quick commute to the city center.


Those are just a few of the unique modular home designs offered by Westchester Modular Homes. If you want a new modular home, but you can’t find a design that meets your requirements, contact our Orange County builder today! Our architects and builders will help you create a custom-built modular home that’s perfect for you.

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