Award Winning Modular Home Manufacturer

Westchester Modular Homes is an award-winning modular home manufacturer located in Wingdale, New York. We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary as a manufacturer of custom modular homes, also known as prefab homes, to states located in the Northeast region.

Throughout the Northeast region, we have a complete network of independent Westchester local modular home dealers who build our modular homes available for sale. We provide our local builders with complete turn-key construction & services; from permit and zoning approvals, site development, engineering, design & architectural services with expert delivery and set systems. Our extensive network of modular home companies will be there to help you through the entire process of building your new modular home.

Westchester Modular Homes builds high quality modular homes in the following nine states: New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine.

Residential Modular Homes

Our product lines of residential modular or prefab homes include green modular homes, modular teardown/rebuild projects, modular vacation homes and modular additions. We welcome you to customize your modular dream home with the award-winning modular home design team at Westchester Modular Homes, Inc., a leader in the modular home industry. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to designing and constructing your own modular home; if you can dream it, we can build it.

Multi Family Home Projects from Westchester Modular Homes

We've recently expanded our selection of Modular Homes to offer Multi-Family Modular homes. We can provide your business or organization with the multi-family modular home it needs - from modular townhouses, modular apartments, modular commercial buildings, modular workforce housing & modular group homes.

An employee-owned company, our mission is to offer affordable and elegant modular homes that reflect our unique craftsmanship and construction capabilities. A full-time staff of over 175 workers allows us to constantly innovate and fine-tune our modular home manufacturing processes to deliver the quality luxury modular homes our customers have come to expect.

Green Builders

Our climate-controlled factory features the latest machinery and technology in order to ensure our modular homes meet our high building standards. Westchester Modular Homes practices green home building techniques, which include the use of sustainable materials and energy-efficient equipment in the building of a modular home. Manufacturers who adhere to these standards offer homeowners a great way to keep energy costs low in addition to being sustainable over time. We regularly offer tours at the Westchester Modular Homes Factory, and invite you to come visit us to learn more and tour one of our modular home models.

Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. works with local builders and contractors to complete the modular home building process on-site. After each part of the modular house is constructed in our factory, the modules are delivered via flatbed truck and assembled by using cranes to put the pieces in place. Our network of local builders provides the finishing touches and completes the building process. From the factory to the foundation, construction of modular homes and modular cottages can be completed in as little as four weeks.

Whether you're in the market for a traditional colonial home, a popular cape-style home or other design style, Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. offers comprehensive design and construction services for choosing the features and characteristics of your dream modular home. Our modular homes are constructed according to customer specifications and requirements through a fully customizable final design plan which is then executed flawlessly by our manufacturers and local builders.